Power Play

Devin has been the best player on every hockey team he’s been on since youth sports, until a cheap shot during a power play results in a season ending injury. While recovering, he realizes his whole life is hockey and that he’s lost the love of the game. When he gets traded to Colorado, he hopes skating alongside his best buddy will help him find his love of the game again. However, when a trip to Happy Endings Resort leads him to a woman who sees past the hockey player to the man he really is, he begins to see that life is more than the game of hockey and he might finally be recovering from that power play.


Kassie lives life her way knowing that nothing she does will be met with approval by her father, she does what makes her happy, for the most part. After earning an MBA, she and her friends take off on a road trip which lands them at Happy Endings Resort. When a handsome stranger offers his help, she doesn’t refuse, especially when she recognizes him as Devin ‘Hot Shot’ Stevens. However, it’s not ‘Hot Shot’ Stevens she wants to get to know. It’s him, just Devin, she’s attracted to.


A week together isn’t enough. When Devin has to return to Colorado for practice, the promise of reuniting when Kassie and her friends visit Colorado is strong, but when plans change can they come out on top of life’s power play?

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