Protecting My Love (Protectors #2)

Loyalty, safety, security.

Those are things that Leia Ryan knows. She has them in spades when it comes to her brother, Kash, and his best friends Beamer and Slyde. She loves her job, helping couples begin their happily ever after, but after her last boyfriend she’s beginning to wonder if she will ever get hers.  When her Ex comes back into her life uninvited, she finds herself seeking comfort from the one man she’s been terrified to lose. Beamer. She knows with him she is safe, he will protect her, but she also knows that his loyalty is only because she is Kash’s little sister and when this is all over with, his comforting embrace will vanish and she will be the one who is left shattered.

Loyalty, safety, security.

Bryce “Beamer” Winters has this philosophy ingrained in him. After suffering a loss and knowing the pain that comes from losing someone you love, he vows to never go through that again. He has always had a protective nature, but the night he holds Leia in his arms while she shakes and cries from fear, that nature becomes stronger. As he is forced to face his feelings, for his best friend’s little sister, he realizes just how important she is to him and has always been. With her past threatening to take her away from him, Beamer will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe, even if it means facing his own past.


When the past comes back to haunt you, how hard will you fight to Protect your Love?

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