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Better Future Better Books
Have you ever thought of what kids think of the police? Until 2020, I had not put much into that question until a viral video of a little girl popped up on my timeline. She was a young Black girl asking a White male officer if he was going to shoot them for attending a protest responding to the death of George Floyd. As tensions grow between Black communications and police from the recent events, I imagined many children being left to determine if they could trust the police. Motivated by my two nephews at the time and my recent admission into UNCC's Communication Studies graduate program, I wanted to dig deeper into this question. After several months of researching parental racial socialization and combining that with communication studies research, my Capstone project was created - a children's book! So with the strong approval from my Capstone committee, I present to you my book, "Easy Choices, Hard Choices, and Everything in Between" . With the help of my illustrator, Melea Womack, five... More
Evelyn Marie Mendoza
Evelyn is eight years old and in 4th grade. She lives in Aurora, Illinois with her parents, two brothers and boxer pup Wrigley. Evelyn loves playing the piano and has been playing since the age of four. Evelyn loves the arts. Her dream is to be an actress and perform at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. 
Harvey's Tales
Geneva's Favorite Bookshop!
reign's lane
Transforming Reign is a poetry book that chronicles the emotional, mental, and physical traumas experienced by the 17-year-old black girl Sanai Reign. Join us in taking a glimpse into the thoughts of this young poet.     Have you ever felt a shift? Where you once stood tall now, you slump, How your smile turned into a sneer, unable to feel welcomed anywhere how when you communicate, the lump in your throat grows bigger, and you're unable to picture how your life was before, before the madness, before the pain? Welcome to Transforming Reign.
Spots Initiatives
Spots Initiatives is a national network of online storefronts created in an effort to support small businesses in our local communities. Launch your own local online marketplace & create a powerful economic engine for your community! Learn more:  https://spotsinitiatives.com/launch
Stacey M Design ~ Guided Journals for Kids
Welcome and thank you for visiting my shop! My mission is to empower children. I publish a series of guided journals designed to help kids feel more confident and valued. Each books contains a series of writing prompts that encourage self-reflection.  The books also contain a short story, poem, interview, coloring, and drawing pages. The illustrations are designed to reflect the world in which we live. They feature kids with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, hair styles, and ethnicities. There  are kids with glasses, with hearing aids, and kids who use wheelchairs.
The Freedom Keys
The Freedom Keys helps busy professional women heal your relationship to your sexuality so you can eliminate shame and guilt, own your sexy confidence, feel incredible in your skin, embrace the depths of pleasure and have the deeply connected relationship.
Victoria J. Hyla/Victoria Hyla Maldonado
I’m the author of contemporary women’s fiction and children’s books as well as short stories and a humor series of Foo Dog’s adventures. Learn more at www.victoriajhyla.com . Sign up for my monthly author newsletter !  Follow me on all the fun social platforms:   Link Tree   Instagram Amazon Author Page Twitter Goodreads Bookbub Facebook Facebook Reader Group Victorious Editing Services Lulu TikTok LinkedIn WESOS Network YouTube Trailers YouTube Author Foo Dog Blog More