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The Relatable Voice Podcast with Lucia Matuonto

We are a multimedia company that offers a wide range of services to help creators get their stories shared around the world. We are the studio behind the World Authors talk show called “UNCUT with Lucia” as well as the podcast sensation, The Relatable Voice. Aside from these two productions, we also offer a variety of promotional services to help fellow creators, such as guest appearances, promotional content publishing, illustration, advertising, and more.

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Talented Tenth Social Services, Inc.

Founded in 2015, Talented Tenth Social Services' mission is to educate and empower disenfranchised families in Chicagoland by providing community initiatives, programs and referral services. It's creation derived from a strong conviction to educate and to provide access to resources in the community. We believe everyone deserves equal access to education, employment, and other resources. We are here to do our part in the betterment of our communities!

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