Author Advantage 9: You Are Supported on Author Spots

Once you sign up with Author Spots , we’re not just going to throw you to the sharks and wish you the best in a freezing ocean of unknowns. You’re new here, so we want to help make your experience as smooth as possible. When you become an author on the Author Spots, you also become a member of its thriving community with lots of opportunities and...


Author Advantage 8: Get Rave Reviews on Author Spots

As authors, we all love getting reviews! Reviews can bolster our confidence and encourage other readers to take a chance on our work. Even not-so-great reviews can help us improve our craft. With Author Spots , the good news is that all your reviews can be collected in one spot, and that can be a game changer for your sales.  The Struggle I don’t...


Author Advantage 7: Communication is Key on Author Spots

Great things happen when the lines of communication are kept open and effective. That’s why Author Spots has implemented a number of ways to communicate with customers as well as the Author Spots platform for technical assistance and building this site into the best it can and should be. Communicating with Customers As a seller of your books, it is...


Author Advantage 5: Complete Dashboard Control on Author Spots

What author doesn’t love being in control of their books? Author Spots loves this idea, so the platform is designed to put the author in complete control of their bookselling venture! On Author Spots, you get full access to your own personal behind-the-scenes dashboard that lets you control everything about your storefront, including how it looks, what...


Author Advantage 6: Backed Behind the Scenes on Author Spots

As an author, the last thing you want to worry about is the behind-the-scenes functioning of your sales website, am I right? You’re in luck because Author Spots does so much of the background stuff for you that you can focus solely on sharing the site and your storefront, selling your books, and writing more amazing content. Targeted SEO Search...


Author Advantage 4: Sharing is Caring on Author Spots

We all want to share about our awesome books and get more readers to buy and read them. I mean, we’ve worked so hard, everyone should know about them, right? How do you get the word out about your wonderful works? Social media? Your author website ? Book-promo websites? Your newsletter ? Signing events? Friends and family? Word of mouth? Regardless of...


Author Advantage 3: Get Paid Quickly and Completely on Author Spots

As authors, we all know it’s a pain waiting for monthly, or even quarterly, royalty payouts from book-selling sites like Amazon that—admit it—laughably give you pennies on the dollar. At Author Spots, we believe your work is worth being rewarded in real time and in full. Earn More Money On Author Spots, not only do you keep 100% of your...


Author Advantage 1: Complete Customization on Author Spots

Every author is different—in writing style, in topics and themes, in the individual twist on a chosen genre, in personality, in everything—so why should we all look the same or be represented by just one of our books like you see on other selling sites? In the end, authors are well-rounded and layered people with more and more creativity...


Author Advantage 2: No Product Limits on Author Spots

As authors, it can be costly to list all our books on the online selling or promoting sites out there. Most insist on a fee for each book every month for a listing, so it often feels like flash-in-the-pan marketing that only goes so far. When you have several books to sell, it gets unwieldy to track where you have them and what it’s costing. On Author...


Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service

We are so excited to have you here and interested in Author Spots! This incredible new opportunity is for authors at all levels so they can sell more books and make more money. We invite you to learn about the Top Ten advantages of Author Spots and why this site should be an essential part of your book selling and marketing strategy.  Author Advantage...


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