In Death We Part (Book 1 of the Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy)

Brianna Wylder: When this 17-year-old Chicago artist is faced with the death of her parents, she must leave the world she knows to live with extended family in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Searching for a new beginning in a world so different from her own, she learns to stand on her own, to love and be loved, and to tap into the power and magic of nature and herself through her drawings. Finding herself in a battle between the comfort of the known and the daring adventure of the new, the question is, Which man will she choose? Who will become hers?

Ben Davis: Young Chicago police officer and good old boy next door, Ben comforts Brianna in her tragedy and becomes a much-needed friend--and potentially more--as she adjusts to her new reality. Brianna finds comfort in him, but he's in Chicago, and she's not. Will she still be his after the summer? Will he fight for her if he must?

Matt Brennan: Ranch hand and bull rider from an abusive, broken childhood, Matt ran away at 12 and found a new life in the west. Fascinated by his power and deep eyes, Brianna finds herself unable to stay away. Although he tries to push her away, it pushes her to show him an unexpected fire that is hard for him to resist. Will she fall for this brooding desperado? Will he put his prejudice about "city girls" aside to give her a chance?

When the two men meet, Brianna has a decision to make and a path to choose for her future. Ben? Matt? Chicago? New Mexico? Can she find the strength to do what is in her heart?

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I love a story that pulls your emotions as you envision the scenes and get to know the characters even more! I'm already reading book 2!

I loved this book so much I immediately grabbed the other 2 in the series. Victoria Hyla Maldonado paints a picture with her words. i can see the action in my head and feel the emotions her characters are going through. Highly recommend!

Great book. Lots of twists. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen.

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