Rooted Hearts

Rooted Hearts:

Newly divorced and dealing with the aftermath of regret and self-destruction, high school teacher Miranda Copeland is at a crossroads. When her retired friend, Teresa Cerini, suggests moving to Cuernavaca, Mexico, to pursue their shared dream of renovating and opening a hotel, Miranda must decide the best path for her future. At the hands of humble construction day laborer Giovanni Contreras, who is seeking stable income and security for his family after enduring a horrific tragedy, more may get renovated than just the building.

488 pages

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I won this book through the advertising campaign when the book originally launched. This has not influenced my review.
I have never been to Mexico, but I sure feel like I have after reading this beautifully written story. I got lost in the culture (food, art, architecture, festivities etc.) and really enjoyed the little details that made it feel like a vacation while I observed a magical transformation.
The pacing was excellent. As the renovation developed, so did the characters. The relationships felt very authentic to me as did the dialogue and the conflicts within the story.
I am looking forward to the sequel as well. It's not quite a cliffhanger but you can tell there is more story to be told.


A great plot, richly romantic, a hotel renovation (who doesn't love an makeover?) and an endearing main character that will insist you keep turning page after page, getting completely lost in their world.

The characters in this book felt like close friends. I found myself slowing down to read this book, so I could check in on them each day and I will be patiently waiting for book number two!

You will be quickly pulled into the storyline with Maldonado's skilled hand at creating both suspense and powerful scenes that make this read extremely addictive.

Do not let this book pass you by... it's the perfect summer read!

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