The Evidence I Have Lived: The Complete Writings of Lisa F. Gullo (Poetry Collection)


This posthumously published poetry anthology has been produced to celebrate the life and written work of Lisa F. Gullo. The adversity she faced in her life both from physical and mental illness is nothing short of epic. The hope is that her words challenge, comfort, and inspire you to love and embrace life’s journey. - Victoria Hyla Maldonado, Editor

“Sadly there is no ice bucket challenge for migraines, especially not the hemiplegic kind. No 5K race to raise awareness. So here is my attempt to do that. If you are a migraine sufferer, please like and share. Not for me, but for all that suffer, usually
in silence surrounded by way too many unopened medical bills.” - Lisa F. Gullo (1967-2018)

The voices of those who struggle with mental health need to be shared so others who have been silenced by shame or stigma can listen to stories that sound like their own. We need to create a sense of community so those who also have mental health concerns know that they are not alone and that their lives and their experiences matter. Lisa Gullo’s poetry and Victoria Hyla Maldonado’s editing are doing just that in this anthology. - Lauren Harris, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“A beautifully honest tribute to Lisa Gullo and her struggle through uncertainty, pain to hopefulness. Editor Victoria Hyla Maldonado masterfully introduces and shares these writings as someone who knew and loved Lisa as a way to honor her life and to help others. This compilation will take you on a journey of great agony. but brings you to a place of hope and healing, just as Lisa would have wanted.”
- Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church; Author of Helping People Find Their Way Back to God

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I am currently reading this book, and I’d give it however many stars are available. That you were dedicated to bringing a troubled friend’s words to life initially intrigued me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read what I (incorrectly) assumed would be pages filled of self-deprecation and pity-parties- the care you took with Lisa’s story is superb. You made no assumptions about what she wanted the world to know or not know. Lisa… wow. I can identify with her. I can feel the energy in her words. And the biggest tragedy is that she didn’t stay here to share herself with people who could have been helped by her words. Thank you for publishing this. Thank you for committing yourself to something no friend should have to, and thank you for make sure that even in death, Lisa lives. This has become one of my most cherished publications. Thank you, Victoria.

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