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Every author is different—in writing style, in topics and themes, in the individual twist on a chosen genre, in personality, in everything—so why should we all look the same or be represented by just one of our books like you see on other selling sites?

In the end, authors are well-rounded and layered people with more and more creativity to come. That’s why Author Spots is designed to give you the power to customize the branding of your book-selling storefront on this online author marketplace.

Personalize Your Platform

On Author Spots, your online storefront is completely customizable to best reflect you and your books. Do you write mysteries? Make the look of your store mysterious or befitting a sinister twist. Do you write romance? Make sure your color palette draws in readers looking for love and passion. Do you write poetry? Reflect a poetic vibe in your style. Is horror your thrill? Make your storefront spooky and creepy. Whatever your niche might be, your personal storefront on Author Spots is all about you, and you can add as much or as little information to it as you like. 

Why Brand Your Storefront?

Branding allows readers to identify you quickly and know what they’ll find. By branding your storefront, readers and fans you already have will arrive on your page and have no question that it’s all about you and your books. We also want new readers searching particular genres to take one look at your page and know what kind of books they’ll find to enjoy. Branding is a powerful tool to make your storefront all about you and your writing journey. 

What Can I Customize?

You have several ways to customize the feel and brand of your storefront.

  • Hero Banner. The biggest and first image your readers will see is the hero banner across the top of your storefront. This can be your author logo, but perhaps a better use of this space is a graphic showcasing all your books or a stylized picture of you with your books. You can even change out this banner when you have a new release or a seasonal sale or promotion. It’s your page. Do what you want with it. 
  • Author Logo. Found in the top left corner of your storefront is a smaller image space. This is ideal for your author logo because it’s something that won’t change often and will be familiar to returning readers. 
  • Storefront Description. On your storefront’s homepage is a short text space that briefly tells readers about you and what you do. Introduce yourself, your genres, a new release, or current promotion or list your website and anything else you want. It’s all up to you and your creativity!
  • Your Books. And of course, your page has all your books on it! Although it defaults with newer additions at the top, you can organize them however you like.

What Does a Storefront Look Like?

Want to see an example of a branded author storefront? Check out my Author Spot for Victoria J. Hyla/Victoria Hyla Maldonado.

Want to Know More about Author Spots?

There’s so much more to share about the benefits of selling your books on Author Spots. Stay tuned for more blogs that detail all the advantages or check out the Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service blog for a little bit of everything.

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About the Author ~ Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Victoria Hyla Maldonado has been writing all her life and has worked professionally as a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She is the author of the substantive women’s fiction Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (Victoria J. Hyla) as well as several anthology-published short stories. She also is the author of several children’s books. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children and is working on a new romance trilogy as well as several other short stories and more children’s books.

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