Author Advantage 2: No Product Limits on Author Spots


As authors, it can be costly to list all our books on the online selling or promoting sites out there. Most insist on a fee for each book every month for a listing, so it often feels like flash-in-the-pan marketing that only goes so far. When you have several books to sell, it gets unwieldy to track where you have them and what it’s costing. On Author Spots, you can sell as many of your books as you want all in one place.

What Can I Sell on Author Spots?

Books, books, and more books. You’re not limited to any one genre or any number of books or type of books. Personally, I write in multiple genres, and some of my anthologies feature several genres all in one book. Following are just some of the book products you can sell.

  • Physical Books (Signed/Unsigned). Readers love being able to get books directly from the author, and some readers are avid collectors of autographed books. It’s up to you how you list your copies. You can keep it simple, listing just the physical books and contacting the buyer to see if they’d like it signed and how. Alternatively, you can put up two separate listings for each book: one for unsigned copies and one for signed copies.
  • Companion Publications. Some books lend themselves to supplementary materials that partner with the main book. These can include workbooks or journals for books in the self-help genre, guided journals, coloring pages that pair with children’s books, and more. Sell them as physical pieces or digital downloads. If it can be read, it can be sold.
  • Ebooks/PDFs. Author Spots also allows you to sell digital downloads, so this means you can offer readers ebooks as downloadable pdfs or mobi files. While these versions may not be as pretty as a Kindle or Nook book, your readers can still get your books and read them in a convenient format if they don’t want to go for the more expensive physical book. You even have control on limiting the number of downloads per purchase.

Do I Need to Have the Books I Sell on Hand?

Yes and no. If you’re selling physical books, you need to be able to get them out to the readers yourself. One way to do this is to sell the books you have at home. However, if the readers want unsigned book copies, you also can arrange a ship-to-customer purchase through most print-on-demand publishing sites like Lulu and Amazon. As long as you can get the book to your customer, you can list it on the site.

Can I Sell Book-Related Merchandise?

Honestly that’s up to you. The chief purpose of Author Spots is to help authors sell more books, but any product you want to sell is fair game. Just try to keep it related to books in some way.

With no product limits, you can make Author Spots your book-selling playground.

Want to Know More about Author Spots?

There’s so much more to share about the benefits of selling your books on Author Spots. Stay tuned for more blogs that detail all the advantages or check out the Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service blog for a little bit of everything.

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