Author Advantage 4: Sharing is Caring on Author Spots


We all want to share about our awesome books and get more readers to buy and read them. I mean, we’ve worked so hard, everyone should know about them, right? How do you get the word out about your wonderful works? Social media? Your author website? Book-promo websites? Your newsletter? Signing events? Friends and family? Word of mouth? Regardless of how you do it, the common denominator among all the methods is sharing, and Author Spots loves to share. 

One of the amazing benefits of having an author storefront on Author Spots is that sharing truly is part of the grand design. We want you to get more exposure; it’s just that simple. And there are several different ways that happens.

Complete Your Storefront and Get Shared

Sharing is a win-win for everyone involved, so when you join Author Spots and your storefront is up and running with the essentials (i.e., stripe connection, logo, banner, description, at least one book), Author Spots is happy to share your personalized storefront across social media to generate interest for you. We’re watching out for it, but you can always let us know when you’re good to go and want that initial boost.

Share Your Storefront

Getting readers to Author Spots by sharing your storefront helps other authors, too. Every time you share your storefront or your books with your readers, every other author on Author Spots gets the chance to be noticed by new readers as well.

Admit it, as a reader shopping the site, you’d be curious when you see the tab to Browse All Authors just hanging out there at the top. It just beckons you to click on it, right? Go ahead. Click it.

Sharing storefronts works on the flipside as well. Every time another author shares their storefront, they bring their loyal readers near your books. If you happen to share books in the same genre, all the better. Those readers are likely going to check you out as well.

Share Other Authors’ Storefronts

Take time to browse through Author Spots and check out the other authors sharing this space with you. When you see an author you like, or think someone you know might like, share that author’s storefront, and both of you win. Bringing readers to another storefront also gets them closer to yours by default.

Share the Platform

Share and link readers to Author Spots on social media, in your newsletters, or wherever it makes sense to you. Every time anyone shares anything about the platform or even a specific author or book, every author has the potential to get noticed, and the platform has the potential to grow and be even more effective for you and your own sales.

Get Your Readers Involved

Anyone can share about Author Spots, your author storefront, or any of your books, so get your street team or reader list in the game. Incentivize your followers with a special giveaway of your choosing when they share your storefront with others. The more exposure the site gets, the more potential it has to do more for you.

Brilliantly, Author Spots lets readers put books from multiple authors in their cart at once and check out in one easy transaction (while the funds go to the individual authors). This amazing feature makes it easy for your readers to find new authors and books to support and enjoy while they are there to support you. 

New Releases and Launch Weeks

Do have a launch week or month coming up for a new book? Author Spots offers opportunities for you to be spotlighted and showcased with a temporary upgrade when your newest book baby comes out. Also, as time goes on, you’ll be able to participate in community incentives where authors complete social media tasks or hit sales targets to earn Author Spots gift cards or extra social promotions. 

Want to Know More about Author Spots?

There’s so much more to share about the benefits of selling your books on Author Spots. Stay tuned for more blogs that detail all the advantages or check out the Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service blog for a little bit of everything.

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About the Author ~ Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Victoria Hyla Maldonado has been writing all her life and has worked professionally as a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She is the author of the substantive women’s fiction Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (Victoria J. Hyla) as well as several anthology-published short stories. She also is the author of several children’s books. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children and is working on a new romance trilogy as well as several other short stories and more children’s books.

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