Author Advantage 7: Communication is Key on Author Spots


Great things happen when the lines of communication are kept open and effective. That’s why Author Spots has implemented a number of ways to communicate with customers as well as the Author Spots platform for technical assistance and building this site into the best it can and should be.

Communicating with Customers

As a seller of your books, it is important to keep good communication with your customers and readers. Some of this is automated by the system while some is handled directly by you. 

Automatic Messaging: As we described at length in Author Advantage 6, Author Spots takes care of automatic emails that go to customers when they buy a book and when you change the Status of their orders. This is a great tool to have and requires little effort on your part.

Customer-to-Vendor Inbox: Customers also can use the customer-to-vendor inbox to contact you directly if they have questions or requests about a book. When they are logged in, customers can click on the “Send Us a Message” link in the Add to Cart section of a product page. This creates a text box in which they can ask questions or make customization requests among other things. When they submit, it sends a notification to your email. From here, you log in to your account, navigate to the Users tab, and click on Customer Message Center. You can click on their message and handle what their request or send a reply. 

Communicating with Author Spots

Communication with the Author Spots platform is also essential so you feel comfortable using the site and can help us make it all it can be to better serve your needs. 

Technical/Set-Up Questions: You’re new here, and Author Spots is robust and extensive in its capabilities, so we expect you to have questions about how to navigate the site behind the scenes or how to use certain features. Please feel free, and be encouraged, to contact our support help with any technical or set-up issues you may encounter. 

Suggesting Improvements or New Features: Author Spots is still growing. While we’ve thought about a lot, there might be something we’ve missed or haven’t considered. We love hearing about your ideas, so we invite you to send us suggestions for additional features and improvements. When your message is received, we can assess whether it’s something already in place that you just haven’t found yet or, if it’s new to us, whether we can do it now or can plan do it in the future.

How to Ask Questions: For either category of inquiry, you have two easy options.

  • Contact Support: On the Author Spots homepage, you can scroll to the bottom and click on Contact Support. This opens an inquiry form suitable for Authors and Customers to fill out.
  • Vendor Support Center: An easier way for authors—because it eliminates the need to fill out your name, email, and business—is through the Vendor Support Center on your dashboard. This is found within the Storefront & Stripe Account tab. To start a new inquiry, click on the green plus sign in the upper right of this screen then ask away. 

Whichever way you choose to send a message is up to you. We want you to succeed, so we’re here to help.

Communicating with Readers

Although this one isn’t directly part of the Author Spots site, it bears mentioning that one of the best communication pieces is reaching out to your reader list. You’ve got a network of people who love you and/or your books. Invite them to check out your storefront on Author Spots and purchase your books through here so you earn the most from your work. Your invitation may even turn them on to new authors they will love and want to support as well! Simply share in whatever ways you already do.

The bottom line is to keep that communication open. We want to be partners with you in this venture. Let’s do it!

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There’s so much more to share about the benefits of selling your books on Author Spots. Stay tuned for more blogs that detail all the advantages or check out the Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service blog for a little bit of everything.

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