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As authors, we all love getting reviews! Reviews can bolster our confidence and encourage other readers to take a chance on our work. Even not-so-great reviews can help us improve our craft. With Author Spots, the good news is that all your reviews can be collected in one spot, and that can be a game changer for your sales. 

The Struggle

I don’t know about you, but I hate chasing down reviews on all the many platforms where my books are sold or promoted. I often miss the comments and reviews or don’t see them until months down the line when I could be using them for marketing in real time. 

Also, Amazon only accepts reviews if the customer has purchased the book on Amazon. That hardly seems fair since most of my books are purchased elsewhere. But that’s the rub of Amazon; it’s all about them and not about you. Make it about you and your books on Author Spots!

The Ask

Take that review-hoarding power away from Amazon by encouraging your readers to add their reviews to your storefront and/or books on Author Spots. Readers can review your storefront (which serves as a review of you as an author) or a specific book. The great thing is that no matter where readers buy or have bought the books, if they loved them, they can review them on Author Spots. 

How Do Customers/Readers Leave Reviews?

Readers can leave reviews for you as an author (by reviewing your storefront) or a specific book or all your books! Why hold back?

Author Reviews: To leave an author review, readers simply go to your storefront homepage. In the left-hand column, there is a button that says, “More Details.” Readers click on that to bring up a page with your contact info and two buttons: Description (which you, as an author, control from your dashboard) and Reviews. Readers click on Reviews then Share Your Thoughts, which opens a simple form in which you can leave your name (or pseudonym), a star review, and comments.

Book Reviews: Each book product page has a Share Your Thoughts link in the Add to Cart section on the right. A simple click brings up the same form as a review for the storefront, but it posts specifically for that book.

How Do Authors See Reviews?

When someone adds a review, authors receive an email notification with the review and a link to go see it on the site. How convenient is that?

Authors also can find the reviews of the public storefront by clicking on the “More Details” link and going to Reviews and reviews for books by clicking on each book product page. 

But wait, there’s an easier way. On your dashboard, you’ll find a Reviews tab. This houses all your reviews in one place, and they are separated into Product Reviews (book reviews) and Company Reviews (author reviews), so it’s easy to see what the reviews are for.

When it comes down to it, reviews really are appreciated, so encourage your readers to post them today. Best of all, leaving a review is a totally it’s a free way for readers to support authors, and authors love it.

Want to Know More about Author Spots?

There’s so much more to share about the benefits of selling your books on Author Spots. Stay tuned for more blogs that detail all the advantages or check out the Top Ten Author Spots Advantages at Your Service blog for a little bit of everything.

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