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We are so excited to have you here and interested in Author Spots! This incredible new opportunity is for authors at all levels so they can sell more books and make more money. We invite you to learn about the Top Ten advantages of Author Spots and why this site should be an essential part of your book selling and marketing strategy. 

Author Advantage 1: Complete Customization

With Author Spots, your online storefront is completely customizable to best reflect you and your books. Your personal storefront within the website is all about you, and you can add as much or as little information to it as you like. What to learn more? Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 2: No Product Limitations

On Author Spots, you can sell as many of your books, ebooks, and companion publications (e.g., workbooks, journals, coloring pages) as you want for one low monthly subscription price. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 3: Get Paid Quickly and Completely

On Author Spots, not only do you keep 100% of your sales, you also get paid when you make the sales, not months from now. Plus, you have complete control over the pricing of your books and if and when you offer sales or discounts. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 4: Sharing is Caring

Having a storefront on Author Spots is awesome because sharing is part of the grand design. Every time anyone shares the site, a storefront, or any book on the site, new readers get a chance to find your books as well. It’s a community working together to build a marketplace that works for you. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 5: Complete Dashboard Control

One of the best things about Author Spots is that it puts you in complete control of how you sell your books! You get access to your own personal vendor dashboard that is super easy to use and has everything you need to showcase your books, get them to customers, and track your sales. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 6: Backing Behind the Scenes

As an author, the last thing you want to worry about is the behind-the-scenes functioning of your sales website. Wonderfully, Author Spots does all the background stuff for you, so you can focus only on sharing the site and your storefront, selling your books, and writing more amazing stories. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 7: Communication is Key

Communication is important at all levels, so Author Spots has taken that into consideration on multiple fronts! We make you sure can communicate with readers and customers, with our tech support, and with our developers so we can all make this the best site it can be. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 8: Get Rave Reviews

As authors, we all love getting reviews! With Author Spots, all your reviews can be collected in one spot. Encourage your readers to add their reviews to your storefront and books no matter where you sell them! Reviews can be done for your individual books or for you or your storefront in general. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 9: You Are Supported

When you join Author Spots, you become a member of a thriving community with lots of support. We have an amazing and attentive support team to help you troubleshoot any questions you have as you set up your storefront, import your books, input your SEO, and more along the way. Read the full blog.

Author Advantage 10: All About the Authors

If it isn’t clear already, Author Spots just for authors and their books! Unlike other selling sites where you’re competing with every other product, this site is the destination for readers specifically coming to shop for books and discover new authors.

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Stay tuned for subsequent blogs that delve deeper into all these amazing perks!


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